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Baxter Hall Properties – Furniture Fundraiser


We are asking for donations  to help furnish our new home on Elm Street. Please donate funds to buy furniture. Make out checks to Baxter Hall Properties and mail to:

Dave Barrett ’77
2482 E. Wildwood Rd.
Springfield, MO 65804.

** If your donation is for the Spence Jackson, Matt Inman, or Steve McFadden rooms, please see additional instructions at the bottom **.

Donations will go toward the following:

32 loft beds with dresser, desk and chair underneath $20,800
8 couches for suites $3,500
Conference/study rooms $5,000
TV room $3,500
Misc. $2,500

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to ensure the new Zeta Chi Chapter house is furnished.   You can make your donations online through the links below.  All donations are being tracked so if your donation is linked to a specific room, please make a note on your check.

The preferred method of payment is a check so we don’t have to pay the transaction fees.     The second preferred payment option is to use the On-line Check ACH option on our on-line donation page.  Click on the link below.

Zeta Chi Online Giving Form

Or if you want to pay with credit card or PayPal, please use the Pay Now button below.

Giving Levels

Attention:  If your donation is for the Spence Jackson, Matt Inman, or Steve McFadden rooms, please coordinate with Jeff Counts.  Send your check made our to “Baxter Hall Properties” to 318 Panhurst Court, Ballwin, MO  63021 and Jeff will coordinate with the Housing Corporation.

Thank you Jim Roebuck!


Thank you for your leadership with the Zeta Chi Alumni Association for the past 8 years.

We achieved many great things under your leadership and we will be forever grateful to you for your role in founding the Zeta Chi Alumni Association and returning the Zeta Chi chapter to Missouri State.   We are proud of you for making us, once again, proud of Zeta Chi.  

All Zeta Chi Alumni

Homcoming/Annual Meeting/Announcement

It is great news that ZXAA will once again host Homecoming 2012 with ZX. The weekend is October 26-28, 2012. Once again the Oasis Convention Center will be our base. Friday will be the welcoming reception, Saturday we will have the parade (firetruck included), Bearfest Village, MSU game, ZXAA annual meeting, Baxter Hall Properties (Housing Corporation) meeting and Casino night. This year those alumni current on dues receive $25 complimentary chips. It will be an action packed weekend and need all alumni to attend.

ZX was officially chartered in August 2012. They are an impressive bunch and have set their sights on a Symthe Award in 2013. Part of the requirement to win a Symthe is strong alumni support at events. Their alumni goal is 100+ for the weekend. ZXAA welcomes all alumni to support this effort. Attached is weekend information provided by your ZX chapter.

Click Here to Download

ZXAA started with Tim Nichols and I in my basement in 2004. Together all of us have built the Most Outstanding New Alumni Association and two-time Most Outstanding Alumni Association (Nester Award) within Pi Kappa Alpha. We talked about running with the “big boys” when we started and now we are the “big boy”! Along the way ZXAA created, alumni directory, located the fire truck, restored the fire truck, “Rally Around the Truck”, lobbied on the return of ZX, “Line the Halls”, returned ZX to MSU, created the Alumni Advisory Board, Committee of ZXAA advisors, Housing Corporation (Baxter Hall Properties), ZXAA Fire Truck Committee, ZXAA scholarship committee, prepared and hosted many events along with many other activities. ZX is a special group. I always end my message with “Together We Can Achieve Great Things”. We as a Fraternity chapter came together and did something few if any people thought was possible. We did this for ZX, by ZX. My hope is none of us ever forget what we did because it is a pure success story. This annual meeting will be my last as ZXAA President. I will be stepping down allowing others to provide leadership and energy to ZXAA. It’s been a great honor and a lot of fun. I plan to stay on Baxter Hall Properties board, fire Truck committee and Scholarship committee. ZXAA is in good shape with programs in place for continued success. You guys bought what I was selling and we created something few chapters will ever have. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support over the years and look forward to seeing 100+ alumni in October.

“Together We HAVE Achieved Great Things”
Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association

Outstanding Alumni Association of Pi Kappa Alpha


It is a great pleasure I share with ZXAA (Zeta Chi Alumni Association) that again this year ZXAA has won the William R. Nester award from Pi Kappa Alpha for Outstanding Alumni Association of the Year 2011-2012. This is back to back years ZXAA has been recognized as the Outstanding Alumni Association of Pi Kappa Alpha. This speaks very highly of ZXAA and ZX alumni. You, we made the difference. I would like to thank the ZXAA committee for their leadership and you-alumni- for stepping up. Great things lay ahead for ZX and alumni.

With all our success we continue to ask alumni to pay their annual dues (March 1 – March 1 of each year). To those alumni current on dues-Thank You!!! Those that have not, you can do so at and click the PayPal link or send a check to ZXAA c/o Jim Roebuck 1638 S. Enterprise Springfield, MO 65804. It is critical to keep programs in place for ZX alumni to commit $50 a year to ZXAA. ZXAA needs your annual support of $50. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at (417) 882-3266.

ZXAA will receive the Nester Award in Denver, July 28, at the PKA National Convention. I am making plans to receive the Nester Award in Denver on behalf of ZXAA. Mike Pearson led Convention fundraising efforts for ZX to attend the Convention. ZX alumni once again stepped up and contributed $2400 for ZX travel, lodging and registration fees. ZXAA provided $400 to this cause. Please note, all of the $2400 will be used towards actives of the ZX chapter attending Convention.

Zeta Chi is a special group. Thanks for all your support. “Together We Can Achieve Great Things”-and have!

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association

2012 International Convention


The 2012 PKA International Convention is July, 26-29 in Denver. See The PIKEline for this month or go to and see 2012 convention at bottom of page for all the details. Basically, it is $400 for each brother plus air and hotel. This can be broken down into sessions for the Pike University at $165 and $225, respectively. Also, day passes are available from $75 up to $160.

We will receive our Charter on Friday night at the President’s Banquet and must have at least one brother there or will be fined $1000. John Stidham is our delegate and Jay Nicholson (our chapter adviser) is trying to make arrangements to attend. Jay informed me he could cover his airfare and I told him I will cover his room for Friday and Saturday nights ( $182 nightly with tax). Also, Brother Kevin Green has committed to one full scholarship.

Men, we had a very successful year in 2010 and I am asking you to keep the momentum going by providing scholarships for this event or financial support for transportation and lodging. Our goal is to cover the costs for 4 brothers.

Please, consider what you can do to contribute to this very important Convention for Zeta Chi.

At this point, just let me know what you would like to contribute as we are still working out all the details and I will coordinate with Derek Pon. Also, please consider cashing in some of your travel award points for air or hotel. We are on a short time frame, please let me know what you can do by Friday July, 6Th. You can make checks payable to Zeta Chi Pikes Alumni Association, Pi Kappa Alpha MSU. Please contact me for any questions or coordination of contributions.

Your Brother,

Michael Pearson
697 Austin Place
Branson West,MO. 65737

Chartering Weekend

As you know this past weekend May 4, 5, 2012 the ZX colony was installed into the ZX chapter. Thanks for all those that attended and sent well wishes! Here is a brief rundown of the weekend. Friday night 80 ZX colony members where initiated. There were 4 rooms completing the ritual going at the same time. Many thanks to the men from Iowa State, Rockhurst, William Woods and Missouri S&T for making this happen. It started at 6 pm and the last ZX was initiated at 2:30 am.

Saturday at 2 pm was the chapter installation where ZX was officially installed as an active chapter. PKA International President Kevin Virta presided over the ceremony. He was supported by Joseph F. Wegelin, Director of Expansion, Lance Horner, Director of Services, Larry Eby, Regional President.
Saturday evening was the chartering banquet and University Plaza. All 80 chapter members were in a black tux and the lovely ladies that attended with them enhanced the evening. We enjoyed a great meal and speakers of Dr. Earle Doman and Andrea Weber from MSU along with the IFC and Panhellenic Presidents. Kevin Virta was the keynote speaker. Chapter awards were presented along with naming ZX’s Dream Girl. Twenty alumni attended the banquet. The actual charter will be presented to ZX in Denver, CO at the PKA National Convention this summer.

The firetruck was in attendance all weekend and took Kevin Virta and others for a ride around campus after the banquet.
The chapter has strong numbers and great leadership. Along with a very active Chapter Advisory (Jay Nicholson) and Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA), they are set up for long term success. Baxter Hall Properties is actively looking for housing opportunities for the chapter. The scholarship committee just this week made their recommendation for the 1st John Jackson Zeta Chi Pike Scholarship winner. The firetruck committee is standing by to have the 1940 Ford available when the chapter calls. ZX has it going on!!!!
What can you do?

1.) Send your $50 annual dues to ZXAA by going to Expenses have grown with firetruck insurance and storage. We also are wanting to support ZX’s efforts to travel to Denver and Pike U. We need everyone to kick in $50 bucks each year to continue our programs.

2.) I am fully aware of the difficulties of making all the events. Make yourself available and attend homecoming, annual meeting, one event every year or every other year.

3.) Stay current in the directory, update changes so we can maintain communication.

4.) Pick up the phone and call a ZX you haven’t talked with in years.

ZX is a special group of people. We did want many thought impossible, not so with ZX. “Together We Can Achieve Great Things”

National charter from Pi Kappa Alpha


I have two points for this message:

1.) This upcoming weekend, May 4, 5, ZX will receive a National charter from Pi Kappa Alpha. Invitations have been sent, FB and email to all 280 in our directory. Friday and Saturday are Pike only events, Saturday evening is the banquet (black tie) Pikes and others welcome. If you plan to attend, and we hope everyone can, RSVP by email to [](

Also, those who want to help in the cause can send a donation to help offset costs to the colony for the weekend. Make your checks to Zeta Chi and sent to 1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804. Any and all help I’m sure they would appreciate.

2.)ZXAA has come a long way. I am attaching a letter from Joe Callahan, Housing Corporation board member and hope eveyone will take the time to read. ZX is a special group and to move forward and maintain our association I hope everyone will support the efforts by [sending your $50 annual dues today by clicking here]( All of us have a piece of ZX within us. What we have is unique within PKA. We have an award winning alumni association that is active and contributing to the success of the chapter. We did it together for ZX by ZX. Thanks for all of your current and continued support!

Read This!


Below you will see a message from Mr. Joe F. Wegelin, Director of Expansion of Pi Kappa Alpha, notifying us that ZX has been approved to charter! Chartering date is set for May 5, 2012 in Springfield. Details are under way and will be shared when finalized. This news represents many years of effort and a strong desire to return the great Zeta Chi to Pi Kappa Alpha and Missouri State University. Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA) began with this objective as the primary focus. Thanks for everyone’s support, payment of dues and encouragement, our day is set for May 5, 2012. Work continues to locate housing for the colony for the Fall semester. Below is a link to join or renew your $50 ZXAA annual dues. ZXAA needs your support. Take the time to send your $50 dues today, click here!



I hope this email finds you doing well.
I’m excited to inform you that the inspection committee has approved the colony at Missouri State University for chartering pending your completion of conditions.
I’ve attached the official Inspection report for your review. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the conditions or the chartering process moving forward. If you would like to chat during the remainder of this week, please call my cell (515)520-7454.

Again, congratulations on all of the accomplishments and success of the colony!

Joe F. Wegelin
Director of Expansion

Great Job ZX!


Pi Kappa Alpha turned 144 years old on March 1st!! We should all feel good that ZX is alive a well, currently with a 105 man colony. They will complete the charting process within 12 months. Chartering is a difficult process and requires a day to day commitment. Only 20 % of PIKE colonies charter in 12 months and ZX did it! Chartering is set for May 5, 2012. More details will be coming as they are developed. Baxter Hall Properties (ZX Housing Corporation) is actively searching for ZX housing to rent for next fall. They are an extremely active bunch and very PIKE.

ZXAA (Zeta Chi Alumni Association) remains involved and very active. Founder’s Day is also the time to join or renew your annual $50 ZXAA dues. The options of PayPal and mailing a check remain available (1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804). Your payment is the only source a revenue available to ZXAA and used to support ZXAA and ZX. Expenses for operating ZXAA remain very low, the majority of revenue is spent on the fire truck (insurance, storage and maintenance), ZX scholarships and special programs, and the ZXAA annual meeting.

Pay your Dues

Once a year ZXAA asks you for $50. Your support is needed and critical to the continued success of the Association. Send your dues today!!! ZXAA has been the driving force to the 105 member colony we enjoy today. ZXAA looks to maintain the support and programs as has been developed and your payment is the way for that to continue. Click Here to send your payment today!!!!

Rick Petree


Additional information on the passing of Rick Petree.

Visitation will be March 5, Monday, 5-7pm at First Baptist Church Bentonville, Arkansas. Service Tuesday 10 am at First Baptist. Burial Service will be private.