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Archive for December, 2008

Bob Mays Leadership And Brotherhood Fund For Zeta Chi

One of our illustrious brothers, Bob Mays, attended MSU for many, many years and continues to enjoy the memories of his time as an active Zeta Chi Pike. Like many of our brothers, Bob’s enthusiasm in reestablishing a Zeta Chi presence at Missouri State University has led us to establish a Bob Mays Leadership And Brotherhood Fund For Zeta Chi. This Fund can be used as a source to fund the academic and educational aspects of a future fraternity house, as well as leadership, scholastic and academic scholarships to future members of Zeta Chi Pikes.

Bob was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness which magnified his desire for a sustaining Fund to support the return and future of Zeta Chi.

While every brother cares deeply about the Fraternity, our chapter and its legacy, through the Bob Mays Leadership and Brotherhood Fund for Zeta Chi we can ensure that Bob’s wishes, as well as our own, can be realized. Zeta Chi forever is the mission. The Fund allows each of us to be a part of that mission. It is Bob’s wish that these funds be used for the replacement of the Fraternity House.

In the design of this Fund we wanted all gifts to be tax deductible by you and keep the contribution process simple. We found that our National Headquarters had in place within their Education Foundation a facility already established to achieve our goals. It is professionally managed by staff that specializes in Endowments, Funds, and Scholarship programs. The Fund we have established is specifically designed for future Zeta Chi membership use, and will not be shared by other Pike chapters.

Zeta Chi Alumni can make gifts through the Education Foundation and designate them to the “Bob Mays Leadership And Brotherhood Fund for Zeta Chi”. The money will be placed into an unendowed account which will allow our Alumni Association the flexibility to actually determine how to use the money down the line, whether through an Educational Facilities Grant or a Leadership Award.

Gifting is easy. Use the following link to access the online donation form on the website and in the “comments box” just indicate you want to designate it to the Bob Mays Leadership And Brotherhood Fund For Zeta Chi: Click here.

In addition, please select the Pike Fund option desired down the road. This is an excellent way to launch our campaign. If you should choose to send in a check, please indicate it should go to the Bob Mays Leadership And Brotherhood Fund For Zeta Chi on the memo line or with a note. You can send your checks, payable to “Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation” to:
Judy L. Bruno, Foundation Programs & Donor Relations, Pi Kappa Alpha Educational
Foundation, 8347 West Range Cove, Memphis, TN 38125.

Your tax deductible gift today in honor of Bob Mays will help secure a sound and promising future for Zeta Chi.

Bob Mays Message to Zeta Chi

Bob Mays has sent this message of support to Zeta Chi and the re colonization efforts. Bob’s leadership with Zeta Chi continues and I encourage all to follow his message. Joining or renewing your membership to the Association has never been as important as right now. This can be done very easily using the PayPal link on this site. I want to personally thank Bob for his continued leadership and true meaning of Phi Phi KA.

Jim Roebuck, President ZXAA


I want to thank you so much for all your hard work, In regards to all you have done in establishing the Zeta Chi Alumni Association. I had a great time at the meeting. It was so good to see guys that I have not seen in 20 to 30 years. I can not lie, passing by the old Pike house and seeing other letters hanging there breaks my heart. Coming to the meeting I understand that Zeta Chi will never be back without a strong Alumni Chapter. For those of you that may not know John Jackson and I are sick. John was at the meeting with his lovely wife Kathy. I think those of you that have known me through the years would agree that I am a pretty tough guy. That weekend with John I witnessed a display of strength that I could only hope to match. I am both proud and honored to call him brother.

I have heard Zeta Chi Alumni say that they have no interest in re colonizing Zeta Chi. The reason was that they have nothing in common with new actives, and Zeta Chi was about drinking and raising hell. They only want to remember and socialize with people they knew. I agree that partying was very important in the times we had together. I do not believe that anyone in the history of Zeta Chi could have loved being there more than I did. I had 16 semesters to prove it. In my time there my distinguished service award means the most to me. The chapter was having a tough time financially and I came to a meeting to set up a fund raiser. Although everyone was not in agreement, everyone participated.

One thing since I graduated in 1981 is that I have realized that Phi Phi Kappa Alpha are more than letters on a page or words to be spoken. Phi Phi Kappa Alpha symbolize a bond of brotherhood and friendship that in my case has lasted for over 35 years. My dream would be that Zeta Chi will be re colonized and a new house will be built for them. Many brothers have said why should we do that for them? I do not know about other Zeta Chi alumni, but I know all I did at 800 S. National was move in. This is not a pipe dream but with the age of our alumni, quite doable. My problem is that I will not be around to see it through. I will have to trust my brothers in getting this dream done.

The first thing is that everyone pay the $50 dollars to the Zeta Chi Alumni Assoc., that is now due March 1st every year. Without the 200 paid membership there is no way to bring Zeta Chi back. Secondly I challenge each and everyone of you put money in a jar everyday. At the end of the year I would expect that you all had at least $365. I know some will give more than others, because they have it. But I also know that no one say that their experience at Zeta Chi is not worth a dollar a day.

Brothers we owe it to ourselves and to future Zeta Chi members to experience this bond of brotherhood that is unbreakable. I know we have all said the words, but I have experienced the true meaning of Phi Phi Kappa Alpha, through cards, letters, calls, emails and visits.

Yours in Phi Phi Kappa Alpha,
Brother Bob Mays