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Archive for August, 2011

Congratulations to all of us – Zeta Chi alumni and the Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA)

Gentlemen –

Congratulations to all of us-Zeta Chi alumni and the Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA). On July 30, 2011, nine of us attended Pike Academy in Memphis, TN and received the William R. Nester Alumni Association of the Year Award on behalf of ZXAA! This award is presented annually and recognizes “The Outstanding Alumni Association In The Fraternity for 2010-2011”. It is something all of us should be proud to receive. This is our second National Award, Zeta Chi Alumni Association also received the “Outstanding New Alumni Association” in 2006-2007. We no longer hope to compete with the big dogs, because this year WE are the big dog!

Zeta Chi is a special group. The ZXAA intends to keep us together and promote alumni events and leadership for the ZX colony. Zeta Chi provided all of us unique and lasting memories. Supporting ZXAA as alumni with payment of your $50 annual dues will maintain our Association and allow us to continue activities established as the “Outstanding Alumni Association In The Fraternity”. The hope is everyone can attend our annual meeting each year, but if unable to do so, support ZXAA with your payment of annual dues. Payment options are: ZXAA Paypal link or sending me your $50 check made out to ZXAA, 1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804. Click here to view a listing of those current on 2011 dues.

October 28-30, 2011, ZXAA will host our annual meeting/Homecoming/Poker Night event. All alumni are asked to mark their calendars and plan on attending. This will be the first time alumni and the ZX colony come together as one. All events will be held at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, MO. Agenda: Friday night-welcoming reception in the Oasis Bar and Grill, Saturday-Homecoming parade aboard our newly restored 1940 Ford Firetruck, Bearfest Village Pre Game, MSU Football game and Saturday night Poker Night, Sunday-departure. Rooms have been reserved under ZXAA. Formal invitations are being prepared and will be sent to all alumni listed in the directory at If you have changed addresses or have only an email listed you should go to our site and update “Are You Alumni”.

Colony members have returned and they are off to a great start. Everyone is looking forward to a big RUSH to complement our numbers. They are an amazing group of young men, and well deserving to become ZX Pikes! Emails and Facebook messages will be coming as Homecoming nears. Again, congratulations to all for being a part of the “Outstanding Alumni Association In The Fraternity in 2010-2011”.