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Archive for January, 2011


The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity (PIKE) will be starting a five-week re-establishment process of the Zeta Chi Chapter at Missouri State University on January 23, 2010. Two Expansion Consultants, Daniel Stockton and Matt Tippett, will be recruiting men on campus over that time period in order to custom-build a premier student organization at Missouri State.

Through recommendations, referrals, and aggressive recruiting, PIKE will be compiling a group of men who will look to achieve excellence within Greek life, their community, and their campus; men who possess and uphold the four cornerstones of Scholar, Leader, Athlete, and Gentleman – or SLAG as its better-known.

Among the most influential fraternities in North America today, Pi Kappa Alpha’s expansion program’s success is unrivaled. Recent examples include the creation of flagship chapters at Arizona, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Iowa, and the University of Florida. These projects brought in over 100 men each, and these colonies remain dominant on their respective campuses. We are excited to have this opportunity to join the Missouri State Greek Community, and contribute to the growth and vitality of its member organizations.

With a previously rich history at Missouri State, and with multiple award winning chapters throughout the state of Missouri, PIKE now has a unique opportunity to start from scratch and recruit men to forge a new path to the top.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, originally founded at the University of Virginia in 1868, has grown internationally and is composed of more than 249,000 initiated members, 230 chapters and 180 alumni associations. Pi Kappa Alpha has maintained the largest average chapter size of any international or national fraternity for the past 20 years, and through its members, has donated millions of hours of community service and philanthropic dollars to causes and community organizations across North America.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s vision is to “set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live.”

Daniel M. Stockton 
Expansion Consultant
The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
8347 West Range Cove | Memphis, TN 38125
P: 901-748-1868 x. 135 | C:412-580-3577 |

Once a Pike, Always a Pike.

After 35+ years, two “early Zeta Chi Pike” brothers, Steve Leeper and Mike Shank reunite in Las Vegas. Once a Pike, Always a Pike.

Steve Leeper and Mike Shank

ZX Alumni Re-Colonization Process

In our effort to continue communication with ZX alumni regarding the re colonization process I am sending you the latest information. To bring everyone up to speed, two chapter consultants from Headquarters will arrive in Springfield to recruit the ZX colony January 21, 2010. When ZXAA started this day was years away, then months, and now days. They will recruit until February 28 at which time the ZX colony will be in place. This is exactly what we have been working for since day one in 2005.

There has been much communication between Headquarters and ZXAA in the past months and weeks. We have provided several housing options for them to choose. In addition, ZXAA will deliver $500 to the consultants when they arrive.

Alumni will be called upon to help and the message below outlines this. All alumni are asked to be thinking of a way they can assist and be a part of the re colonization process-the question is not how large or small, but will you be a part of the re colonization process of ZX and assist.

The plan is for me to meet with the consultants when they arrive and learn their plan, needs, desires and communicate this to ZX alumni at that time. This is when you will be asked to assist in some way. Congratulations to all ZX, we are 14 days away. As I have always said, “Together We Can Achieve Great Things”, this is only the beginning. My best to all.

Join us on Facebook: Zeta Chi Alumni Association

Jim – Since you’re the most connected with the ZX alumni, I wanted to let you know a few other ways that the alumni can help with the recruitment and help with making Matt and Dan’s life a little easier while they are in Springfield.

They’ll be doing brotherhood/rush events at restaurants. These serve primarily as a way for the new brothers to meet and greet the other men who have joined. Since in any given week we may add 20 to 30 new members, we need to begin developing brotherhood as soon as possible on the project. They’ll plan to hold these events each week. Alumni can help with these if any of them own restaurants and can give free food or a discount. If alumni don’t own restaurants, they could also get gift cards for the consultants to use to pay for the food. We typically budget some money for these events, but usually by mid way through the project we have so many colony members that we make them pay for their own food. So if alumni want to help with this it would be appreciated.

Sport tickets. They will also probably do some brotherhood events at sporting events (basketball games, I’m not sure what other sports would be going on during that time). If alumni have suites at the arena, or could provide tickets for the consultants, since the consultants would have to pay for their tickets out of their own pocket.

Dinner or after hour drinks. On most days the consultants will be on campus recruiting from 8am to 5pm, then having a quick dinner, the holding evening brotherhood events, officer training, presenting to organizations, etc. Then making cold calls to set up interviews for the next day until 10 or 11 pm. So most of their entire day will be dedicated to the expansion. On some days they’ll be able to get away for a breakfast, lunch or dinner, or maybe an after work beverage. They may also have some free time on a Friday evening or a Saturday. If alumni would like to take them out to dinner or have drinks with them, I’m sure they would enjoy the opportunity to relax and clear their minds for a little bit.

Food/groceries. Unfortunately our consultants do not receive per diem or any allotment for food. They have to pay for their own meals and grocery. A lot of times alumni will get gift cards for restaurants or grocery stores to give to the consultants. Also taking them out for lunch or dinner is also appreciated.

These are all just optional items that the alumni can do for the consultants if they wish to. Any other gestures to welcome them and make them feel at home for the 5 weeks is also appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions or any additional thoughts.

I can’t wait to take the campus by storm!

Ryan C. Collett
Director of Expansion

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association