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Archive for July, 2010

Rick Petree

This was sent to me this morning (07/16/2010) regarding Rick Petree. All of us need to keep Rick in our thoughts and prayers. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more.

Rick is traveling by air ambulance this morning to Barnes Hospital in St Louis. Earlier this week. Rick was treated for blockage in his coronary arteries. During the course of the treatment he began to lose blood. Cancer of the esophagus was discovered to be the source of the bleeding. It had spread to the liver and the lymph nodes. It is stage four. The immediate problem is the need to keep his blood thin to prevent clots and a possible heart attack or stroke. Yet they need to control the bleeding. They have decided to treat the vascular problem and worry about the cancer later. Please remember Rick and family in your prayers. Also please pass this along to the others. I do not have my Pike list serve on my phone.

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association