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Archive for January, 2010

January Zeta Chi Alumni Association Newsletter

Greetings! 2010 is here and looks to be the best year for the Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA) in history! This year will mark the 5th anniversary of ZXAA. We have come a long way. Part of the Association’s continued efforts are to communicate/update alumni better on events, news and general information regarding ZX. Some months may be more detailed than others, but the objective is to communicate need to know information and not waste your time otherwise. I’m sure as we develop this communication it will improve and be worthwhile for everyone to take a few minutes and update themselves. The plan is to keep these short, sweet and to the point. Excuse me this one time as the first newsletter has much to cover.

Many things are in the planning stage for the Association. Obviously, with the planned re colonization of the Zeta Chi Chapter at Missouri State University in the Spring of 2011 there is excitement and anticipation for the Zeta Chi chapter. Planning is underway for a Zeta Chi reunion for this Fall. No firm date has been set, but we are looking at September. All ZX, young and old, will be asked to attend. Much advance notice will be given. It will be a weekend event in Springfield. There will be activities for spouses, formal dinner and entertainment planned. Once plans are finalized, information will be provided. If you have any ideas or interest in being part of the planning team contact me at or (417) 882-3266.

Our Firetruck is in need of basic repairs. She has been sitting still for many years and needs some TLC. Repairs will begin early in 2010 and we will have her ready to unveil at our reunion. “Rally Around the Truck” fundraiser will kick off in the first quarter of 2010. We will need to raise funds for the repairs. We would like all alumni to participate if possible, there will be different levels of contribution, information will be forthcoming. ALL funds raised will be used for the Firetruck repairs.

We are on Facebook (FB). The name of our group is: Zeta Chi Alumni Association. There are many pictures to review. As our members on FB grow, the site will allow us to do more things with it. will continue to be the primary source of communication and should be checked regularly. Please share with all alumni you are in contact with the importance to “join the association” at This is our directory and who receives communications.

We will soon have a jazzy Zeta Chi Pike Alumni window stickers available for Association members. Association dues are due March 1 of each year. Invoices will be going out shortly for membership and renewals. Membership dues are important as they allow us to maintain our site, update FB, send mailings, invitations, annual meeting costs and expenses of Association business. We need everyone to join and/or renew. The Paypal link at is the best option. If anyone has a question on the use of Association funds feel free to contact me or any committee member.

We have much more going on than space permits to share at this time. Your Association is STRONG. Great things are in the works and future. We need everyone to be a part of this thing. Zeta Chi is a special group, “Together We Can Achieve Great Things!”

—-Zeta Chi on Facebook—-

Jim Roebuck, President

Zeta Chi Alumni Association