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Archive for February, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, February 22, 2009, Jay Nicholson and I saw, touched and sat in our Firetruck. Locating the truck and the house items has always been a priority for the Association. This is a huge find for us. All credit for locating our truck goes to “Master Detective” Mac Humphries, everyone should send Mac a thank you for his relentless efforts in tracking the truck’s location.

The truck is in remarkable condition. It needs a little TLC and a mechanic. The paperwork has begun to re-title, license, insure our truck. The committee will discuss in detail the Firetruck addition at our next meeting, and share with a post our decision. We should all understand that the day of an 18 year old driving the Firetruck is over, or active or alumni. This will be our special purpose vehicle. The truck will be titled to the Zeta Chi Alumni Association. We will have “her” as our featured guest at events.

But, for now, we found our truck. It’s not any firetruck, not a replacement, it is Zeta Chi’s 1940 Ford Firetruck.

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association 2-23-2009

25th Anniversary Certificate of Membership

Congratulations to those Alumni that will be receiving their the 25th Anniversary Certificate of Membership with Pi Kappa Alpha.

Mr. Jim R. Davis
Mr. Douglas W. Dupree
Mr. Arman T. Goffey
Mr. Rocky Lane Goodin
Mr. Mark Andrew Lundgren
Mr. Darrin Craig Mackey
Mr. Michael L. Morton
Mr. Jeffry Glenn Phaup
Mr. Joseph Edward Rankin
Mr. Raymond Michael Reinhardt
Mr. Jeff Alan Schmitz
Mr. Andrew P. Wilcox
Mr. John Wayne Best
Mr. Stuart Michael Carrico
Mr. Ralph Kipp Carpenter
Mr. Thomas Richard Evans
Mr. James Albert Frederick
Mr. Whitney R. Graves
Mr. Chris Ray Jennings
Mr. Darrel B. Lewis Jr.
Mr. Timothy Jerome Litschgi
Mr. Robert James Lundgren
Mr. Kirk Matthew Sloan
Mr. Gerald Thomas Stanley
Mr. Chris Joseph Turnbough

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi AA 2-6-09