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Archive for August, 2012

Homcoming/Annual Meeting/Announcement

It is great news that ZXAA will once again host Homecoming 2012 with ZX. The weekend is October 26-28, 2012. Once again the Oasis Convention Center will be our base. Friday will be the welcoming reception, Saturday we will have the parade (firetruck included), Bearfest Village, MSU game, ZXAA annual meeting, Baxter Hall Properties (Housing Corporation) meeting and Casino night. This year those alumni current on dues receive $25 complimentary chips. It will be an action packed weekend and need all alumni to attend.

ZX was officially chartered in August 2012. They are an impressive bunch and have set their sights on a Symthe Award in 2013. Part of the requirement to win a Symthe is strong alumni support at events. Their alumni goal is 100+ for the weekend. ZXAA welcomes all alumni to support this effort. Attached is weekend information provided by your ZX chapter.

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ZXAA started with Tim Nichols and I in my basement in 2004. Together all of us have built the Most Outstanding New Alumni Association and two-time Most Outstanding Alumni Association (Nester Award) within Pi Kappa Alpha. We talked about running with the “big boys” when we started and now we are the “big boy”! Along the way ZXAA created, alumni directory, located the fire truck, restored the fire truck, “Rally Around the Truck”, lobbied on the return of ZX, “Line the Halls”, returned ZX to MSU, created the Alumni Advisory Board, Committee of ZXAA advisors, Housing Corporation (Baxter Hall Properties), ZXAA Fire Truck Committee, ZXAA scholarship committee, prepared and hosted many events along with many other activities. ZX is a special group. I always end my message with “Together We Can Achieve Great Things”. We as a Fraternity chapter came together and did something few if any people thought was possible. We did this for ZX, by ZX. My hope is none of us ever forget what we did because it is a pure success story. This annual meeting will be my last as ZXAA President. I will be stepping down allowing others to provide leadership and energy to ZXAA. It’s been a great honor and a lot of fun. I plan to stay on Baxter Hall Properties board, fire Truck committee and Scholarship committee. ZXAA is in good shape with programs in place for continued success. You guys bought what I was selling and we created something few chapters will ever have. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support over the years and look forward to seeing 100+ alumni in October.

“Together We HAVE Achieved Great Things”
Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association

Homecoming Festivities & Casino Night

Register and Reserve – Weekend Package Price

Price includes parade Bearfest village meal, game ticket and entrance to the evening Poker Night (chips not included). All the great memories are free!

Use to the PayPal Options and drop down menu below to Choose a Package:

Single package, Alumni $75 – Include Spouse/Other $100

Homecoming Festivities

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