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Archive for January, 2008

Scan me your composites

Great idea from David Boltz, he scanned me 1981, 1983, 1984 composites which we will add a section under Gallery at I will update with the years that come in from this post, but for now scan me any/all composites you have to Send them low resolution or the files are to big. Once received they will be added to the site. One day we will use these to rebuild the composites lost in the new house.

***Mike Wasson is the first user of our PayPal system. It works, so use when available.***

Summer Meeting Hats for Sale

Summer meeting hats for sale only 7 available.

Cost $20.00 + $5 for shipping and handling. $25.00 total.

Payment needs to be made through PayPal using the link below. You will then need to send me an email at providing your address and indicating your purchase and payment over PayPal. Once your payment is posted, I will mail you the hat.