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Archive for August, 2010

ZXAA 2010 Reunion

Come Join the Celebration

Our Association, Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA) was started 5 years ago with the 1st objective to re colonize ZX with Missouri State University (MSU). After a 5 year effort with many struggles we have been successful in this objective and ZX will return to MSU in the Spring of 2011. Without the support and determination of the ZXAA the return of ZX would not have occurred. This success will be celebrated the weekend of September 17-19, 2010 in Springfield, MO. ZX is requesting your attendance at the reunion. This is the first time in our history all generations of ZX will be asked to come back and unite as one to celebrate ZX.

In addition, we will be celebrating ZXAA 5th anniversary and the “return to service” of our 1940 Ford fire truck. Our truck is currently under repair, lead by Kim Handcock. Repairs are going well and last report they were driving it around the parking lot!

This will be the weekend to unite with all ZX, celebrate our history and the future. You are asked to attend and make this the weekend ZX alumni regroup for the success of ZX at MSU.


  • September 17 – Arrival reception at Fire and Ice Resturant and Bar
  • September 18 – 10 am to noon annual meeting-afternoon free
  • September 18 – Ladies brunch and getaway to Branson Landing
  • September 18 – 7pm ZXAA dinner and program
  • September 19 – Departure

What you need to do!!!!

Click here to register and pay online using PayPal!

Call the Oasis Convention Center (888) 532-4338 and book your room. ASK for the ZX-Pi Kappa Alpha block of rooms, we have a special rate and they are holding rooms for us. DO NOT go on line to book your room as the site shows no rooms available. You can see the hotel at

We must know a number attending for dinner. This will be a Barbecue dinner buffet. The cost is $28 per person. After dinner we will have a SHORT program and then entertainment. Important! Complete the link with your information on attending. Let us know the number that will attend dinner. Payment can be made using the PayPal link.

The ladies event will be Saturday morning during our meeting. They have a brunch planned and a trip to Branson Landing scheduled. See for shopping etc. The ladies also have t shirts and koozies as party treats for their event. Let your ladies know of the event and they should contact Vicki Knox for details and t shirt and koozie orders at

Rally Around the Truck” campaign is still under way and is critical to achieving our objective to repair our fire truck. This is the only time in our 5 years ZXAA has asked alumni for any money except for annual dues. No contributions are too small or too big. We ask everyone to donate at some level. Donations should be made at the “Rally Around the Truck” link. Jeff Layman is chairman of this campaign. Jeff is committed to our success and your help in achieving this goal is appreciated.

Each year ZXAA requests your membership in the association. Annual dues are $50. Each alumni is asked to “join the association”. Dues allow ZXAA to continue to communicate with alumni and hold events related to ZX. “Membership is the key to our success.” Alumni may “join the association” by using the link provided.

Formal invitations will be coming out soon. Mark your calendars for September 17-19, 2010 for ZXAA reunion in Springfield, MO. Be sure your information is correct on our site, “Are you Alumni”, as that is the address it will be sent. On behalf of the entire ZXAA committee, I look forward seeing everyone at the reunion!


“Together We Can Achieve Great Things”

Jim Roebuck

Zeta Chi Alumni Association

Rick Petree

Rick has returned home and provided this link for updates on his status.

Let’s continue to offer prayers for Rick and his family.

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association