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Archive for October, 2008

2008 Annual Meeting

The 2008 annual meeting was held October 10-12 in Springfield, MO. The meeting was a great success. Events included a reception Friday night, meeting, pre game tailgate party at Bearfest Village, Missouri State University football game-(they won!!!!), and Saturday evening gathering at The Venice. During the meeting it was discussed that the University will be considering another colony in the Spring of 2009. We will compete for this position. The Association will support the efforts of Headquarters. They will be presenting on our behalf to the University.

Membership is the key. We need all alumni to renew their membership or join the Association. Zeta Chi needs you to support the efforts of the Association to re colonize at Missouri State University. Use the Paypal link on this site or “Join the Association” print the PDF and mail your check to me.

A plan was put into place at our meeting for everyone in the directory to receive a personal call and be asked to join the Association. If you are in the directory, and your phone number is listed, expect a call from an alumni who attended our annual meeting. You will be asked to renew your membership or join the Association. They will share with you the comments and thoughts of the meeting. We need your help and support of the Association.

I am attaching minutes of our meeting. Anyone with questions feel free to contact me or any committee member.

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association

Meeting Minutes:

The meeting was called to order by Jim Roebuck at 9:20 on October 12,
2008 at University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO.

In attendance were Tim Nichols, Mike Daly, Brad Knox, Dave Stewart, Tony Wood, Dave Barrett, John Waters, Wayne Angus, Kirk Perkins, John Jackson, Mac Humphries, Jeff Counts, Dan Kraus, Bill Becker, Todd Branson, Bron Launsby, Barry Johnson, Joe Callahan, Phil Robertson, Bob Mays, Mike McClure, Jay Nicholson, Doug Thompson, Kent McPhail, Kendall McPhail. Jim Roebuck, Mike Pearson, Steve Turek.

Welcome to everyone. Announcements. Introduction. History of ZXAA. We will be meeting around noon at Bearfest Village for the pre-game activities. 1:30 Kickoff. Afternoon after game free time. Meet later at The Venice (Nick Russo’s Place).

Thanks to Jay Nicholson for putting together the invitation.

Bron Launsby, treasurer, stepped up to the plate when needed to handle our finances. Report: Account balance was given. All data from the last three years was entered. Income statement was explained and financial handouts were distributed. 8K first year, 07 4K, this year under 3K. Further financial information was offered by Jim Roebuck.

362 alum listed in data base, addresses are good. Unopened returns are low, therefore we are reaching people.

Jim recognized Barry Johnson, Miami, Doug Thompson, Virginia, Bron Launsby, Jackson Tennessee, Bob Mays, Chicago, John Jackson, Richmond MO for traveling many miles to be in attendance.

Pay Pal has been a great boon to the website.

Many ZXAA are not current on dues. In 1997 the number was 180, well on the way to the goal to 200+. Today, it numbers 49. We need to address this issue.

Greek system at MSU has 5 sororities and ? fraternities. Sigma Chi and Tri Sig were expelled from campus this year. Recolonization is slow process, and IFC has final decision. TKE’s is doubtful. Therefore, IFC does not intend to expand until numbers get better. Many factors are taken into consideration: national presence, national support, alum support. ZX’s national presence is strong, and so is our support. WE left campus in good favor. An unsolicited email arrived from campus.

Student affairs. TKE, FIJI (?) chartering in the spring. Our contact, Marissa LeClaire, Director of Expansion, will be recommending us the VP in the event there is a need–and she believes there is. If so, a few select candidates will be invited back. In short, this will allow us, if we make it through the process, to be eligible for a a colony as early as 2009.

Jim has a plan. We have 300+ contacts. We are going to make contact with all 300 people. If we get half to re-up, we are in good shape.

Most simply need to be asked to renew their memberships. Together we can achieve great things.

“Let us all leave here today knowing our organization is strong.”
There is no other alumni association on campus with the strength of ours. Just maybe this time next year, according to Ryan, we may have our chapter, and in the meantime we have some work to do.

Q & A:

Jay Nicholson suggested sending personal letters to non-renewed members.

Mac Humphries: if we want to get over the hump, have an option of a one or two year membership, or more.

Jim said paid members could be listed. If you are not on that list, you haven’t paid. List by pledge classes and listing paid members in should be considered bold. (Brad Knox)

Doug Thompson: have a pledge class competition for membership? Good theory, but a lot of work to break down by pledge class. It was offered we could break down by percentage of renewal candidates instead.

ZXAA needs 200 plus, vs 49. Most need simply to renew membership.

Kirk Perkins offered up that PayPal auto deduct from members’ accounts each year automatically.

Phil Robertson offered that a five-year membership may be too long a term.

Jay NIcholson offered we do Constant Contact email newsletters quarterly. It was approved unanimously we initiate quarterly email newsletters.

Housing: Doug Thompson asked who owned the big properties around campus. Housing Corporations own them, and Nat HQ does work with financing for properties. Mac knows the fundraising chairman at Kansas State.

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM. Group photo followed.

Zeta Chi Alumni Association Annual Meeting

Zeta Chi Alumni Association Annual Meeting
When: October 10, 11, 12
Where: University Plaza Hotel Springfield, Missouri

Friday Evening, October 10th:
Reception in University Plaza Hotel lobby bar.

Saturday, October 11th:
9:00-11:00 a.m.
Annual Meeting in the Arkansas Room, University Plaza
Ladies’ breakfast (details to be announced at check in)

11:30-1:30 p.m.
Pre game party in the Zeta Chi tent at Bearfest Village

1:30 p.m.
Bears Homecoming game Kickoff MSV v. Youngstown State

Dinner: On your own.

8:00 p.m.
Evening social in the University Plaza Lobby Bar.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

You will need to reserve you rooms immediately at University Plaza Hotel, 333 John Q. Hammons Parkway, (417) 864-7333 or Holiday Inn Express 1117 E. St. Louis St. (417) 862-0070. Rooms will be at a premium during Homecoming Weekend, so don’t delay! Each hotel facility is within walking distance to one another.

Weekend Package Price:

Includes game ticket, pre-game activities, and commemorative ZX Alumni Association hat. All the great memories are free.

Single package, alumni $50
Spouse/other, (does not include hat) $25

Complete RSVP insert and return with your check to Jim Roebuck, 1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804.

Click here to download the RSVP form.

Zeta Chi Events

Our weekend is quickly approaching. Everything is set. Friday night reception at Uplaza bar area, Saturday morning meeting at Uplaza, noon pre game at Bearfest village at the Zeta Chi tent, 1:30 p.m. football game, dinner on your own, Saturday evening at Venus (Nick Russo’s new place downtown), Sunday departure. Special guests this year will be John Jackson-Kansas City and Bob Mays-Chicago, our numbers look good for those attending. Anyone with questions contact me at (417) 839-8088.

Please note message for the Uplaza staff and attachment.

Click here to download the PDF file.

All the Best! PPKA-