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Archive for December, 2007

Latest on Re Colonization

Update 1/9/2008: Missouri State University started 2 colonies in 2007. TKE’s and Fiji’s, both are off to a slow start-20 members each. The school feels at this time they need to re think bringing another Fraternity on in early 2008. Our timeline to “present” has been pushed back, probably to late 2008. Headquarters is very supportive of our efforts and in returning ZX to MSU. This Association has everything to do with us being a top priority to re colonize with PiKA. We will continue building our strength in membership and be ready when our time comes. Rest assured all parties are very well informed of our interests and communication with all parties will continue.


This week I learned that in early 2008 IFC will invite 3 Fraternities to “present” and select the next colonies at Missouri State University. Pi Kappa Alpha-Zeta Chi will be one of the three, the others are Sigma Gamma Tau and Sigma Nu. The timeline for the colony to begin is still unknown. MSU will contact Headquarters with the details at the proper time. The Association will assist in anyway possible.

Starting in 2008 the membership/renewal push will take on an increasing role. Our goal has always been 200+ active members, last year we were at 182. Great work for 2 years as an Association. As we get closer to colonization, membership in the Association takes on greater importance. We need to have 200+ members in the Association and have Headquarters present our Association strength along with the other benefits of PiKA.

I encourage everyone who has not renewed their membership or not joined the Association to do so. We have added PayPal credit card payment to our site to make payment easier. Those sending a check, please include your complete contact information including an email address. If joining for the first time, under “Join the Association” you can print a PDF and send with your check so your information is added to the directory. If paying with PayPal this will be done for you.

Our 2008 Annual meeting is set for Homecoming-October 2008-more to follow. We should learn much in 2008 on our re colonization efforts. Thanks for all of your support, Together We Can Achieve Great Things!