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Archive for April, 2011

Greetings Zeta Chi Alumni, family, friends and COLONY MEMBERS:

WOW! Much to share and little space to do so. Great things going on with the Zeta Chi colony at Missouri State University!!! First things first, let’s talk about Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA). Our data in the directory is aging somewhat and would request anyone that has changed mailing or email information to update “Are you Alumni” at This is how we communicate and need to keep this data as current as possible. Also, we are on Facebook-Zeta Chi Alumni Association. The colony also has a FB page-Missouri State Pikes.

Everyone was sent an Annual Dues invoice by email. We need you to renew or join the Association. The expenses of ZXAA are very small and money received is used directly back to Zeta Chi. Dues are $50 a year. We have many great things going and need funds to re supply our account to continue. If you would like to send a check, make your check to ZXAA, send to Jim Roebuck, 1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804.

Upcoming events have been scheduled. April 25, 2011 there will be a “After Hours” at Ebbett’s Field South, 5-7 pm with Colony members in attendance. Our next big event will be MSU Homecoming, October 28-30, 2011. Plans are currently being made and formal invitations, email and FB notifications will be sent as the time gets closer. Rooms have been reserved. Initial plans are for a Friday night reception, Saturday morning parade, tailgate at Bearfest Village—Firetruck in attendance of course—football game and a evening event. This is the event for alumni to return and spend time with the new 70 man ZX colony. These guys want to meet alumni. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

The firetruck is looking good and running like never before. She has made a few appearances and ready for many more. ZXAA will be needing to insure the truck in ZXAA’s name and locate a storage location. This is another need for everyone paying their dues.

It appears that all requirements have been met for ZX-Pi Kappa Alpha to be recognized by Missouri State University as a student organization. Today we added Mr. Kyle Moats, Athletic Director at Missouri State as our Faculty Representative. Keep in mind the colony still has high expectations to achieve in order to earn the chapter charter from PKA. We are hopeful this will occur next Spring.

I asked Peter Krause, ZX’s Alumni Relations Representative to provide a short update on ZX:
PIKE has already been doing some amazing things at Missouri State as well as the surrounding community. Almost 40 members of MSU PIKE’s teamed up with Missouri S&T PIKE’s to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity March 19. Together we accomplished lots of yard work and moved lots of things at the Habitat warehouse. PIKE also scored their first win in intramural dodge ball and softball this past week. PIKE is already forming a large footprint here at Missouri State. Closing in on 70 men, more great things are sure to come. All of us in the colony are anxious for our Alumni “After Hours” event at Ebbett’s Field South April 25th. We encourage all alumni to attend and meet the men of PIKE!

There is a current photo of ZX’s colony on the firetruck at our home page at, check it and the site out when you have time. Mark your calendars for October, update your contact information if needed and SEND YOUR DUES! Zeta Chi is back boys—We did it!

“Together We Can Achieve Great Things”
Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association