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Archive for April, 2009

Zeta Chi Alumni Association News

The committee looked at several options regarding the Association’s annual meeting this year. It was decided to tie into the planned St. Louis Association event. This year our meeting will be July 31, 2009 – August 2, 2009. Friday night will be a welcome reception in the Hilton Hotel Bar area, Saturday August 1, 2009 10 am to noon will be our meeting, 3:10 we will attend a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game and Sunday will be departure. 

The Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark is located in downtown St. Louis and walking distance to Busch Stadium. All planned events are within walking distance of the Hilton. The Hilton address is: One South Broadway, Saint Louis, Missouri 63102. A block of rooms has been set aside at a special rate of $135 per night, you will need to reserve your own room at (877) 845-7354 and reference Zeta Chi Alumni Association. Also, discounts have been given for parking. There is a limited number of rooms reserved and any not reserved will be released July 17, 2009. So, CALL NOW. 

Click here to reserve your hotel room.

The Association has a limited number of block tickets for the baseball game. Tickets are $35 single and $25 for additional, i.e. Pike and spouse $60. To reserve your tickets contact Jeff Counts, St. Louis Chairman, ZX Alumni Association 314-616-5284 cell, or Bron Launsby, Treasurer, ZX Alumni Association 901-590-6325 cell, Tickets will be passed out at the meeting.

I hope you have heard the great news of Missouri State University accepting applications for new colonies. This is the opportunity we have been looking/working for since the start of the Association. Our guest speaker this year will be Regional President Larry Eby. Larry is very familiar with the colonization process and Zeta Chi. He will bring current information on our situation. This will be a very informative meeting for the future of Zeta Chi. 

As always, spouse/friend are welcome for the weekend activities. I encourage everyone to mark your calendar for the weekend of August 1, 2009. Invitations will be sent to the address listed in the directory. If you need to update or add your information, you can do so at 

If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at or (417) 882-3266. More information will be posted as it becomes available. This is a very exciting time for Zeta Chi and I look forward seeing everyone in St. Louie!!!

In Phi Phi KA- 
Jim Roebuck, President 
Zeta Chi Alumni Association 
“Together we can achieve great things”

Zeta Chi Call to Action

Please read the message from Executive Vice President Justin Buck. In question is legislation that will make donations to Fraternity Housing improvements tax deductible. This is of great interest to us and the timing could not be better. Please select the option best for you and contact your represenatives asking for their support of this legislation. 

Jim Roebuck, President 
Zeta Chi Alumni Association 

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Bob Mays Update

Everyone please keep Bob and Pam in your thoughts and prayers. This is the latest from Pam sent to me from Phil Lacy: 

Sorry that you didn’t get the update from Saturday, but here we go again: 
Bob is finally home! That was a long, long 30 days! The equipment arrived Thursday, some home and some to the rehab facility, then Bob was transferred by medivan home on Friday. My Mom and Dad arrived here from Phoenix on Thursday night so they are staying with us this first week to help us get settled. We have put a hospital bed and the equipment in our family room on the first floor since he is still paralyzed on the left side and cannot stand, walk or use stairs. Our friend Scott found a portable wheelchair ramp on Ebay and installed it Sunday, so we can at least get him outside, but since he cannot get in and out of a vehicle I will have to rent a wheelchair accessible van when we need to get to an appointment. Alex changed his mind about going to New Jersey for Spring break and he arrives home today for a week. Our friend Mary called her hair stylist and he came to the house to give Bob a haircut and a shave, what a huge difference! He has cut his pain meds down considerably and feels better already! He lost about 17 pounds, but now that he’s home eating my food (and my Mom’s) again he will hopefully regain some of it. A nurse will visit twice a week to draw blood and do vitals, physical therapy is scheduled to come 3 times a week and we are still awaiting word from occupational and speech therapy. 

Our doctor emailed me yesterday to inform us that the tumor has progressed even more toward the brain stem and there are new tumors on the other side of Bob’s brain. But Bob has decided not to give up yet and we are going downtown tomorrow for the experimental drug infusion and starting a new chemo that will be given orally each night at home. We all know his “goal” date and he refuses to give up until he accomplishes that. We have had lots of visitors since arriving home, with many more are scheduled to come. Everyone is welcome! And a huge thank you again for all of the help and support from everyone, little things like finding things I need and making phone calls make a huge difference, not to mention the food and cards that have arrived. Everything continues to help lift his spirits and mine and it is truly overwhelming. The fight continues!