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Archive for July, 2011

3 Things!

Many good things are going on with ZX, I will try and be brief so please read entire message. Three things ZXAA needs to communicate:

1.) ZXAA has been successful because of the alumni. In order for us-ZXAA-to function with annual meetings, after hours, web site communications, planning, fire truck maintenance, printing and postage for alumni communications, etc. we need alumni to pay their annual dues of $50. ZXAA has made a point of not asking alumni for money except for annual dues and “Rally Around the Truck” campaign. As of 2011, 56 alumni have paid their $50 annual dues, out of 250+ in the directory. This needs to improve, our checkbook balance needs to be refreshed. It costs money to do the things we have done. We have many achievements to celebrate. Returning ZX to MSU, restoring and maintaining the fire truck are just two. Everyone listed in the directory with email has received a $50 dues invoice. Once you pay you annual dues you are removed from the list for that year. If not, you continue to receive an invoice. We need you to pay up, ZX is worth $50 a year. There are expenses involved with running a successful Association. The energy spent collecting dues takes away from more productive events for the Association, and truthfully is getting old. Click here to visit our Pay Pal Page.

2.) Hopefully everyone by now has heard ZXAA has won the 2011 William R. Nester Award-Outstanding Alumni Association from PKA. This is the second national award our Association has won from PKA. A Nester Award is given out each year and only 1 Alumni Association across the country is selected. It’s a big freakin’ deal! Your Association was selected to receive this recognition within all of PKA. Alumni are encouraged and asked to attend the presentation banquet on July 30, 2011 at Pike Academy, at Memphis University, Memphis, TN, 7-9:30pm. Dress is coat and tie. We have many already attending and would like many more. If you plan to attend you need to register for the banquet and email me so we have enough tables reserved. Here is the link. Check out the number of attendee’s already signed up and where they are coming from to see us accept our Nester Award!

3.) Missouri State Homecoming is October 28-30, 2011. ZXAA will be hosting a alumni/colony weekend event. Details are close to final. This will be the first time alumni and the new 75 man colony will be together. The weekend is geared around MSU homecoming events-parade, Bearfest Village, game, and ZX Saturday Poker Night at the Oasis. Formal invitations will be sent out and email notifications also. If your contact information has changed in our directory please update it at

Thanks for all you do, alumni have led the way and made the difference. Together our efforts won us a Nester Award-Outstanding Alumni Association. Send you dues guys, ZXAA needs the money!

“Together We Can Achieve Great Things”

Jim Roebuck, President
Zeta Chi Alumni Association

2011 William R. Nester Award-Outstanding Alumni Association

Most of you will recall the award ZXAA received in 2006 for “New Outstanding Alumni Association” from Pi Kappa Alpha. At that time this was the only award ZX had received from The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. Many of you have also heard me say that from that point on we will be competing with the big boys, Alumni Associations from across the country. The William R. Nester Award is given out annually and only ONE Association receives this prestigious award each year.

It is with great joy I announce the winner of the 2011 William R. Nester Award-Outstanding Alumni Association- to Zeta Chi Alumni Association at Missouri State University.

We will receive our award at a banquet July 30, 2011 at Pike Academy in Memphis, TN. Myself and several others will attend and accept the award. All Zeta Chi alumni and chapter members are asked to attend and enjoy this moment. I have attached a link for those attending to register,

We won this because of you the alumni! ZXAA committee has provided much support and leadership over the years and the committee should and will be recognized at our next event at Homecoming. This award is a reflection of all ZX alumni and their commitment to ZX and the Fraternity. Our success is most prominent by returning ZX to Missouri State University. This event clearly above all else shows what ZX alumni have done. Without alumni ZX would never have returned to MSU. The “return of service” of our 1940 fire truck is another example of what ZX alumni can do and was recognize by our award. We need your continued support with annual dues to maintain the activities and support the ZX colony. We need everyone to step up, pay your annual dues, and support ZXAA with payment of your annual dues. Here is the link to our Paypal site or send me your $50 check made to ZXAA, 1638 S. Enterprise, Springfield, MO 65804.

All of us should be very proud to receive this award and my hope is many will join us in Memphis in celebration. See you in Memphis….Very well done boys!