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Below you will see a message from Mr. Joe F. Wegelin, Director of Expansion of Pi Kappa Alpha, notifying us that ZX has been approved to charter! Chartering date is set for May 5, 2012 in Springfield. Details are under way and will be shared when finalized. This news represents many years of effort and a strong desire to return the great Zeta Chi to Pi Kappa Alpha and Missouri State University. Zeta Chi Alumni Association (ZXAA) began with this objective as the primary focus. Thanks for everyone’s support, payment of dues and encouragement, our day is set for May 5, 2012. Work continues to locate housing for the colony for the Fall semester. Below is a link to join or renew your $50 ZXAA annual dues. ZXAA needs your support. Take the time to send your $50 dues today, click here!



I hope this email finds you doing well.
I’m excited to inform you that the inspection committee has approved the colony at Missouri State University for chartering pending your completion of conditions.
I’ve attached the official Inspection report for your review. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the conditions or the chartering process moving forward. If you would like to chat during the remainder of this week, please call my cell (515)520-7454.

Again, congratulations on all of the accomplishments and success of the colony!

Joe F. Wegelin
Director of Expansion

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