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Decision on Zeta Chi Presentation to IFC

This morning I received a phone call from Ryan Collett, Expansion Director of PiKA. Zeta Chi was not selected to re colonize at Missouri State University in the Spring of 2010. The selection was given to Sigma Nu, the second choice was Beta’s and they will be offered colonization in 1 ½ years. I cannot express in words my disappointment and my personal feeling of responsibility for this failure. I felt we had a good game plan and implemented it and I thought our presentation was done very well. Many people had much time and effort invested in this decision. My personal thanks to everyone, to all Zeta Chi that I asked for help, no one said no, everyone stepped up.

I have a follow up with Dean Doman next week and will seek his feedback.

Options: Very few, but all will be discussed in full by the committee and carefully considered.

Where do we go from here: On re colonization, time will tell, but this was our shot, it will be many years before another opportunity is offered. With Zeta Chi Alumni Association, we continue to build and improve, we stay together and grow closer, communicate and improve relations within Zeta Chi. “Once a Pike, always a Pike”, same to be said of Zeta Chi-“Once Zeta Chi, always Zeta Chi”.

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